Karin has become deeply attached to a community health clinic in Detroit where she has volunteered for the past three years. The projects that the clinic undertakes are astounding: growing community gardens, hosting farmer's markets, and mentoring a diabetes support group. The newest addition is a walking group that Karin started this October. As she nears graduation, she fears she won't be close by to continue working with the clinic, and wants to raise money to keep their efforts going.




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Adam traveled to Kenya in the winter of 2012 with a group of five others. He stayed at an orphanage and provided the orphans with duffel bags full of shoes, presents, and school supplies. During his stay, he took on the Kenyan lifestyle and realized how unbelievably hard it was for Kenyan orphans, let alone Kenyan kids with parents, to attain a successful education. After his travel group arrived back to the United States, they decided to create the Harambee Foundation, which is a charity that supports the education of Kenyan orphans.



        When we tell people we are biking across America this summer, we most often get asked "But...Why?" And that is exactly the question we hope to get.


Pedaling for Progress (PFP): A blog (on Facebook) that aims to showcase humanitarian work and positive human interaction across the country, documented by two people biking across the country.


At first, both Adam and Karin wanted PFP to be a fundraiser for two charitable organizations they have individually been involved with. But then they realized how PFP could have a national impact instead of just an impact on their individual organizations. That's why they decided to incorporate a blogging aspect to their initiative - they hope that by blogging humanitarian work and positive interactions that they encounter across the country they will inspire PFP followers to get involved in their communities.


In order to capture these positive efforts happening across the country, Karin and Adam plan to stop into communities to interview people taking part in humanitarian work, as well as those who are positively impacting their communities. As they make their journey across the country, Adam and Karin will upload posts regularly to their social media that display these inspiring stories!


Lastly, Adam and Karin are still fundraising for the two organizations that gave them the spark to make Pedaling for Progress what it is. Before they set wheel to the road, they plan to raise at least $10,000. 70% will go directly to the community organizations, and 30% will fund the bike trip. Follow their journey, and as you do, they challenge you to find something to contribute to your community. Get involved, spread the word, and make progress possible!


The Two Causes That Inspired PFP:

Help us reach our fundraising goal by donating either on this website, or at our Indiegogo campaign at: 



Hurry - the Indiegogo campaign ends May 20th (when we leave)- you receive perks if you donate at our Indiegogo!!

PFP Process and Vision:

The process is simple, inexpensive, practical, and sustainable for bike trips long or short.